BULLET ALLOYS:  Our lead alloys are made to our specifications by a specialty producer                                                                               maintaining ISO 9002 quality standards. We maintain consistency by recieving the largest                                                                     possible amounts of alloy. Our alloys are as pure as possible and we work hard to keep                                                                             them that way during the casting process. We maintain a hardness level of 14 to 18 BHN                                                                         for our bullets since that range covers most  uses for cast bullets.                                                                                                

       LUBRICANTS:  Our bullet lube is suppplied by a leading manufacturer of high quality bullet                                                                       lubricants. We order in quantities large enough to ensure consistency. Years of testing by us and our customers                             have confirmed that our lubes are very effective in reducing fouling. They work well with both smokeless and                                 black powders and can withstand heat conditions that casuse misfires with other, softer lubes.

       PACKAGING:  Proofmarks Bullets are packaged in 500 count boxes, except for our 45-70"s. our 45-70"s are in 50 count                boxes. Custom packaging is available upon request.  

       AVAILABILITY:  Our products are available through quality retail dealers. We beilieve  in supporting the distribution system                  that supports our sport.