Our History:

   PROOFMARK CORPORATION is a family owned and operated business located in Burgess, Virginia. It was established in 1986 by current owners, James and Diane Wilson. With over 60 years of casting experience, James began his business using a single cavity Lyman hand mold. He then migrated to gang molds and now uses automated casting machines.

     As our company has developed over the years, part of our success comes from the ability to manufacture and self-test our products for proper weight and hardness before they are released. While not only offering a range of original Cast Bullets, we also manufacture and distribute Copper Plated Bullets and Hi-Tek Poly Coated Bullets. Digital controls are used with our equipment to accurately maintain proper temperatures and weight during production. Once complete, we manually inspect each individual product before packaging.

    Proofmark has been providing its commercial retailers with high quality ammunition for over 30 years. Recently in 2017, we have expanded retail sales to the individual market. We are proudly distributing to all 50 states.